Let Social Media Be Social!

I hear from Businesses that have tried Facebook and other forms of social media marketing and after only a couple of weeks of posting or doing paid ads if they don’t get any results in a form of a sale they stop and think social media marketing is a load of rubbish!
This is what I say to them, Social Media Marketing isnt always about getting the sale straight away. Sometimes it happens but 99% of the time it takers time to build the three things I tell me clients why people buy; KNOW, LIKE AND TRUST this also applies to why eCommerce websites sometimes fail and don’t get sales.
People rarely buy from places they ar’nt familer with and don’t trust, this is where social media takes time to build these three things. Most people have between 300-3000 friends on Facebook, when you post a photo, announcement etc on your business Facebook site your fans see this then there friends also see it etc etc. These potential customers get to know your business, feel a part of it, start to trust it, their friends also see that there friends trust this site and next time they want dine out or need a good motor mechanic what do you think they remember, yes the business your friend follows and trusts on Facebook! This is a basic analogy but KNOW, LIKE, TRUST is very important when setting up your next campaign.